Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the end

so i cant believe its been 6 weeks already and my trip is already over. I feel like I have been gone for awhile and at the same time i cannot believe its ending. This has been an amazing trip and made me realize that i want to travel to everywhere. I have thoughts in my head sometimes that I want to do two different things with my life. My first thought it that i want to be a teacher and have a simple normal life but be happy and satisfied knowing i am teaching and hopefully making a difference in others lives. And then there is my other thought...the thought that I want to live somewhere far away and just figure out something to do with my life. I want to go somewhere without a plan and meet new people and try new things. These thoughts come from trips like this and trips like mexico where all i wanted to do was live in mexico and swim with the dolphins for my life. maybe one day i will take a break from real life and travel into my unknown path.

my blogs have definitely slacked lately but its only because i get impatient with myself and never want to sit down and actually write what happens. Cause really my exciting stories i cant post on here cause mom and dad have this website....sorry. But lets see, did i write last time about the london eye...i dont remember so if i did sorry if not then well i went on the london eye. It is the biggest ferris wheel in the world and i went on it! it was my first time ever being on a ferris wheel and i went on the biggest one in the world. go big or go home right? right. I saw the sound of music which was pretty sweet but maybe could have been better if it wasn't the third time in the past 6 weeks that i have seen that story line.

London has made me obsessed with pashminas, pininis, molly and my really good homemade burritos...they are pretty fancy...also obesessed with the golden balls (probably you may not know what this is so learn about it cause im not gonna lie im gonna miss it) Im also gonna miss the people on my trip. im sad to say goodbye to some of them, it will be weird to not be able to see them everyday whenev i want. But what im not gonna miss is the windstorms in our flat. Our windows at night like to bang really loud and open and slam shut with the wind and its annoying to sleep in a windstorm. i would recommend you dont try it.

I am gonna miss afternoon tea. That is also a new obsession thanks to london. I LOVE TEA!! and they have such cute afternoon tea cafes around here. The other day we went to tea and before tea we were sitting in a park surrounded with birds in the trees. lesson: dont stand under hella birds. sorry sister but a bird pooped on your backpack. thank goodness it was your backpack though cause one inch over it would have landed on my shoulder. nasty birds!

So my trip has come to an end and in 16 hours im peacing out of london and heading back to the states. Im excited and sad to leave but it has definitely been an amazingly fabulous trip and i would redo it all over again right now. well maybe not the school part of it but the fun stuff definitely i would do again!
peace out europe! its been fabulous!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

internet and computers can really be pains in the ass

"I should be studying" - that was the original name of this blog but when i was typing it 4 hours ago the internet decided to be a dumb ass and not work. It took me a good half hour to write about how i shouldnt be blogging i should be studying and as soon as i was done and hit "publish post" the internent decided to stuggle and turn off so my whole blog was lost. and im not gonna lie i thought it was a good one and now its gone forever. also another reason why my computer is lame is cause the buttons like to fall off. my "m" button fell of the other day and now it is weird to type cause i feel like i am using the "m" a lot more than i ever have.

so i cant title this blog its orginal name anymore cause im done with studying...i had to study about ethics and know about stupid questions like: thrasymachus' attempts to best socrates in the delineation of the real nature of justice. probably i could fail this test tomorrow and i dont even care cause well i just dont.

so i played lots in london this weekend and im gonna say it has been a bitter sweet weekend. sweet in the sense that i got to play and go out and go shopping at camden market and buy a really cute dress and presents and bitter in the sense that i have to write a fatty essay and study for an ethics test. Sweet= best waffles of my life at camden market with melted milk and dark chocolate on top of them. learn about them cause they are the best of my life. Bitter= 2500 word essays about churchill and world war 2. Sweet= rum and cokes at night. Bitter= the next morning.

so i have ten more days in london and then its back to the states for me. im gonna miss it here but at the same time i think im gonna be ready to come back home. first things im gonna do when i get to america: 1-eat chinese food 2-eat thai food 3-go to red robins 4-eat fish and chips at old mill 5-watch hella movies. im missing my movie watching days. i went to the secret garden at bleheim palace (that's the duke's house - it was pretty tight and after im done living on the eiffel tower i will maybe go live with the duke for a minute) which made me wanna watch the secret garden movie so 6-go to aubs and watch one of the 500 different versions he has of the secret garden. 7-play in my new fancy house and at my old fancy house with all my favorites (my cats, sissies, besties, mom and poppy, and maybe the g-ma if she can come and play)

Until those 10 days where i can do all my things in america im gonna continue to have fun playing is london and having bitter sweet days. bitter - going to class. sweet = going on the london eye. bitter= taking finals in a week. sweet = watching the sound of music musical in london.

seriously learn about those waffles with melted chocolate cause they are the best and i want one right now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

London is one tricky city

So i have been in London for two nights now and its been pretty sweet.
Saturday we learned about how to take the bus to our classroom and sunday we went on a boat tour of london and a little walking one. and little actually means like 5 hours walking tour.

Not too much has happened in London yet. Today was our first day of classes and well 4 of us who decided to take the bus this morning got lost and we were all an hour late to class. We took the wrong bus in the wrong direction for about 30 minutes before we realized it was the wrong way. So then we had to ride the right bus into class today and so we were HELLA late. Good thing our prof was pretty chill about it. So then today i lost my voice this morning when i woke up and decided to go home and nap with molly after class. We ended up walking about an hour towards our building searching for the 55 bus back. We got lost a second time and got home two hours later. By the time we found a 55 bus stop we were on it for about 5 minutes before we go on our stop to get to our building. it was pretty tight not gonna lie.

I love getting hella lost twice within 3 hours. its awesome. maybe tomorrow will be better. Im ready to have fun exploring london and celebrating my speech being over after tomorrow. I gotta give a 12 minute presentation tomorrow about bombing. if you wanna learn about it just ask me cause im an expert now.

Le tour de eiffel et les toilettes

So last week I was traveling through France. We peaced out of salzburg on Monday morning and traveled to Nurnberg and Metz (correction from my last blog). Nurnberg was a museum that i didnt really understand about cause it was all in French and Im not so good at French. We spent the night at a hotel in Metz. Then the next we traveled to Paris for 6 fatty long hours and some more i think...also i think we stopped somewhere maybe but i cant remember. All i know is that i love France. It is so cute and baguettes are delicious! i didnt try a crepe which i am still sad about but i did go to the eiffel tower...all the way to the top. It was amazing and i fell in love with paris and never wanted to go down. Im thinking that Paris might be the best city of my life and maybe one day i should live in France for a minute.

The only thing about France was my toilet experience. I know how to ask for a toilet.."ou est les toilet?" see pretty sweet. So in europe you have to pay to pee...weird i know but i think i have spent about 3 euros just for peeing so in france i decided to be cheap and not pay to pee. So we went to mcdonalds and used their was free. It also was just a hole in the floor...a tiny hole too. Good thing i just had to pee cause for whoever doesnt have to just pee they should pay for their toilets. Holes in the floor are nasty. But thats what i get for being cheap i guess.

So all in all France was amazing and i cant complain not even about holes to pee in cause it made the experience that much better.

One last quick France they have random poles in the street. watch out for those cause they can sneak up on you. I ran into one and fell backwards into some random guy who caught me. it was awkward.

Im going to move to the eiffel tower and live on the top of it. that is what i learned about my trip to France.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Goodbye Salzburg

Im leaving salzburg tomorrow which makes me sad...i wish i could stay for always. But i can't be too sad about it because tomorrow I will be in France. It is kinda sad that i have to wake up at 6 in the morning to peace out and then ride on a bus for all day but maybe it could be fun.

So long Salzburg I had fun climbing your moutains and tasting your ice cream. I wish I would have boughten those mozart candies that were everywhere. But i had fun in the city and in the pubs. Maybe if i learn to speak german so the next time i come here I will have better luck buying things without getting confused.

Tomorrow the group is driving to France and we are stopping in Nuremburg on the way...Im not really sure what that place is about but Dr. Hogan said it will be maybe boring. Then tomorrow night we are gonna be sleeping in a hotel in Mets (?) I dunno about that place either. Then Tuesday we will be in PARIS!!! word! cant father asked me if i can say "I want a big chicken" and guess what I can! "Je voudrais un grand poulet" see?! i dunno if its perfectly right but it works for me and so hopefully the french will be able to understand.

Peace out city of salt!

Friday, July 4, 2008

"Hitler is no gentleman"

The other day i went to the mauthausen concentration camp. I dont know if this will be the most exciting thing to read about because it was so sad and awful but i thought i would share about it.

Its hard to imagine what Hitler actually did to the jews by just learning about it through text books and watching movies about it. Actually seeing the concentration camp makes it seem a little bit more real when you see the rooms they stayed in and the beds they slept on. I walked on the streets where they were counted daily and abusive publically. I went into the exectution room and saw the gas chambers and the crematorium. I saw the real things; the things the nazi's used to kill these people with and it was an experience i can't even describe with words. I walked the stairs of death and that jews actually walked on. It was crazy to think that I was where they suffered so much and it was hard to believe it was the real thing.

Even being at the Mauthausen concentration camp and seeing how real and sad it was i still do not have any idea how bad it actually was. i dont think anyone can ever know.

Hitler was a little bitch.

where did the 4th of july go?

Today is the 4th of July and wanna know what i did?

well instead of having lots of rum and cokes at the prockishes 4th of july party and watching beautiful fireworks in the park i took two tests. An ethics one and a history one. They were hard and i thought while i was studying my brain was going to explode because father art likes to put hella information into one test when we have only had about 4 days of classes. But hopefully i passed cause otherwise my butt gets sent home and europe 2008 tour would consist of 2 weeks of salzburg.

I did learn yesterday in class that in our papers we are writing we cant use words like "way cool"and "sick" as in that is a sick car. We also cant say dude unless its followed by the word ranch. We learned about that for about 30 minutes in class; it was a good review. I did however learn that Hitler is no gentleman and when im writing my paper I probably should not say Hitler is a little bitch for killing himself after killing millions of jews.

So anyways back to the fourth of July. Tonight i think we are going to celebrate with some tasty things and go out dancing and to fancy dinner. Maybe we will look for some fireworks but nobody really knows if they sell those here. But after my studying for a thousand hours yesterday and two tests im ready to do a little celebrating of the united states independence day even though i am in austria - which have i mentioned how much i love it here and im sad to be leaving in 2 days but not too sad because then i will be in paris. you should be jealous.